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Alphabet Play Mat Wall Hanging Blue Letters




These gorgeous alphabet mats make a perfect gift for a little one. Using brightly coloured fabric, each letter of the alphabet has been lovingly stitched on to every pad. The soft pads with the letters on are attached to a strip on the mat using velcro so they are easy for a child to move around and play with. Great way fun to teach letters and spelling! 

The base mat has hooks stitched at the top to hang in a child's bedroom, creating beautiful hand sewn wall art which is fun and educational at the same time!

Made in Malawi
Sustainability Note: At Kibébé, we believe in the integrity of our artisans and the products we produce. We believe in making products that do good. All our Play Mats are created using locally sourced fabrics. No two mats are alike. Images are for inspiration only— and we do not guarantee exact colours. We encourage our customers to choose to be surprisingly *delighted* by the colours of your unique, one-of-a-kind, Play Mat. The earth (and we) thank you ❤️ 

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