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Free UK Delivery for orders over £50

POP DIAMONDS Denim Backed Bedspread or Picnic Blanket




These gorgeous denim patchwork backed picnic blankets take over 10hrs for one of our highly  skilled artisans to create. With one of these laid out at the park or beach, you'll soon be getting compliments from fellow picnickers. Also makes a stunning bedspread!

Machine washable - even better :)
145 cm X 165 cm
Made in Malawi

Sustainability Note: At Kibébé, we believe in the integrity of our artisans and the products we produce. We believe in making products that do good. All our Picnic Blankets are created using locally sourced and re-purposed denim. No two blankets are alike. Images are for inspiration only— and we do not guarantee exact colours. We encourage our customers to choose to be surprisingly *delighted* by the colours of your unique, one-of-a-kind, Picnic Blanket. The earth (and we) thank you ❤️ 

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